What customers are saying about our services

Digital Marketing

“If you have an idea of a marketing strategy but you are not sure how to execute it then I highly recommend AdX. I booked a Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing Skype consultation call with them. They are very professional. They asked me specific questions that has made my marketing strategy stronger. ”


Digital Marketing

“Excellent experience with AdX! They explained everything regarding my business in deep detail. I love his work and what has provided me. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to start or learn more about business and how the business run. Thank you for every minute spent. I really appreciate it :)”


Facebook Marketing

“AdX provided very useful information and feedback on a range of elements including Ad strategy and a step by step layout of our action plan. They made sure I understood everything before we moved forward and even took it a step further to give me his personal feedback on my website which I couldn’t be more grateful for!”


Facebook Marketing

“AdX did an amazing job! They are filled with so much knowledge. They provided some great tips of how I can do better with my current ad campaign. Looking forward to working with again in the future.”


Digital Marketing

“Great presentation of ideas, pointed out different things such as SEO, Keyword Analysis and Research, Analytics, Utube channel examples, and six tasks/critical factors to success for good Facebook Ads.”


Digital Marketing

“Thanks AdX for your help. It means alot for a solopreneur like me. Really wanted some professional help for a review of my campaigns. Have taken a note of your inputs, will apply them :). Thanks again.”


Digital Marketing

“Amazing experience! AdX manages a real team dedicated to you! Good stuff and they understands the order…Here we are with good professional. Thanks”


Facebook Ads Training

“Very informative on Facebook ads! I’m a complete beginner and have learned so much in our skype call. They answered all my questions and didn’t waste any time. Thank you”


Website Development

AdX did marvelous job . They gave more than I ask for and the results is just great ! I will just leave my website for them to maintain and improvise. Thanks”


SEO Optimization

“AdX is an excellent choice to help you with your website SEO. They are knowledgeable about his craft and his patient in explaining to you in easy terms what tasks need to be done to make your website function at full capacity. I trust and appreciate AdX and plan on using his service for future work.”


Digital Marketing

“The best agency if it comes to Facebook ads!!! Never came a cross someone with this amount of knowledge and wisdom regards ads! I am all over the moon with his service and would happily even pay 20 times the amount for it without even thinking about it twice. With their help my business is making so many sales that we can’t even keep up with them!!”


Digital Marketing Consultancy

“AdX was absolutely incredible!! They are very friendly, professional, and skilled at what they do. They really knows what they are talking about and it is backed up by amazing results. They helped me by offering valuable critiques to my website, creating a sales funnel that brought in so much traffic . Thanks AdX!”


Business Plan & Pitch Deck

“The Skype consultation is an excellent way to introduce the product to the client. AdX did an excellent job of introducing the process to me. Thank you”


Facebook Marketing

“Very knowledgeable on the subject. They were there on time, and were able to give me valuable information on how to maximize my time and budget on facebook ads. They are very  pretty much talented what you can ask for them.”


Facebook Ads Training Session

“The level of communication far exceeded my expectations and the quality of work is even better! We went back and forth a couple of times to get it right, and their’s patience really helped bring the end product together. I highly recommend this gig!”