Business Plan & Pitch Deck

Business Plan

Every successful business is built on a practical business plan that concisely and clearly delineates the business purpose, vision, mission, goals and objectives, strategy, and a plan for how the business will achieve its goals.

Not surprisingly most businesses find themselves without proper time or bandwidth to properly strategize ahead for their future.

We have a demonstrable experience of business and strategic planning that we can leverage to help you create the right foundation and accelerate growth.

Our thorough business planning process, personalized to your business needs, will involve liasoning with your teams to help clarify and document your strategy, and then build a scalable business model and high-velocity execution plan to execute the vision.

Our business planning services will include help with and completion of all essential components of a business plan necessary to win investments. We can also help adjust your plans with the latest industry benchmarks and best practices.

We can help with the delivery of presentations to internal stakeholders and top management. Once a plan is approved, we can assist with execution. Our focus is on scaling of your business results.

Our Business Planning Services involve

Our writing style is clear, direct, and simple. A typical startup business plan includes all or most of the following components, but has less detail than a more established business would require.

  • Industry Overview — a general overview of the industry
  • Market Opportunity — an analysis of how large the business opportunity is in terms of market size
  • Customers — what is your target market and how large is it
  • Competition — understand the competitive landscape in great detail as possible.
  • Business Model — an analysis of the Business Model, including all major revenue streams.
  • Marketing & Sales Plan— how will you attract and retain customers and differentiate your product from competitors
  • Operations — how you will execute the business plan on a daily basis.
  • Financial Projections — identifying potential revenue streams for the business
  • (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats) Analysis

Pitch Deck Services

Investors go through many pitch decks a day. Creating a deck that stands out requires not only amazing design, but a carefully created story that reflects the company’s vision and values.

We have worked with various companies to assist in their pitch deck design needs, from creating the content to finalizing top quality design.

Here’s what makes the pitch decks we design different:

Aligned to you

Our design working process involves deep-diving into your business background and thoroughly understanding it. Our approach to pitch decks is completely made-to-order for you.

Focused on you

All of our pitch decks start with determining the most powerful way to tell your story and the most efficient way to achieve the results you want.


All the complex information and jargon will be converted into highly appealing visual narratives, infographics and short but precise points, that drives audience engagement.

Recall Value

Leave your competition in the dust with a well-organized pitch deck that consists of a smooth flow of information, which enhances your recall value.

Win The Deal

Getting ready for the pitch is the only thing you need to be concerned about, as we make sure your presentation helps you win the deal.