Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Profile Creation

Through your Twitter profile you can let your audience know who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problems. We start by crafting an optimized profile that will boost the visibility of your account and encourage new followers. And, since Google shows Twitter profiles in its search results, we’ll optimize your profile for SEO by adding targeted keywords.

Content Strategy

Creating and promoting unique content is a huge part of the Twitter-verse. Our expert social media team analyzes Twitter trends and industry insights to determine the best hashtags and content topics that will garner the most clicks from your target audience. Then, we create and share the content at pre-defined ideal times in order to drive follower engagement.

Follower Growth

In order to increase your followers, we create content tailored to your ideal audience, speaking directly to their needs, issues, and desires. Part of the process involves the creation of comprehensive customer avatars that help us synchronize our content with the issues and desires of your potential followers. After that, we manage and maintain your Twitter followers with prompt responses and social engagement.

Twitter Advertising

Advertising on Twitter allows you to target audiences based on the keywords they search for and the TV shows they watch. Our expert Twitter advertising team creates highly optimized ads for your products and services that convert visitors into leads and eventually paying customers. In addition, we also execute your campaigns and optimize them continuously to achieve the best possible ROI.

Twitter Reports

We will prepare monthly performance reports for you to review. These reports will be a comprehensive account of how your Twitter campaigns have performed.